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    Size:H80cm-120cm, customized
    Is PVC guardrail safe?
    PVC guardrail is a safe and environmental protection of the guardrail, compared with the iron guardrail, there are many advantages.
    1.In the maintenance of its cost is very low, because the PVC guardrail does not need to be like iron guardrail with paint maintenance and maintenance, in the case of long-term use will not produce old old appearance, so in the maintenance of fatigue to avoid.
    2.In the production and installation of the very simple, and in the installation of the efficiency is also very good. Because the PVC guardrail is not as sharp as the iron guardrail so it will not hurt people.Guardrail using a very good formula, you can ensure that fading, not yellow, not peeling, not cracking, not foaming, not moth, so choose the guardrail recommended PVC guardrail.
    PVC Guardrail can be divided into several categories:
    PVC fence Fence, PVC insulated Guardrail, PVC green guardrail, PVC balcony guardrail and so on. Compared with the traditional material guardrail, the advantage of the new PVC guardrail is very obvious, it has the advantages of environmental protection, beauty, novelty, tenacity and durability, maintenance-free and so on. According to the business management of this new type of guardrail, PVC guardrail is the selection of high-quality PVC and special auxiliaries, the use of unique formulations and specialized production technology, in line with anti-aging, corrosion resistance, not fade, dustproof, anti-static, flame-retardant, anti-ultraviolet, maintenance-free and other special requirements. At the same time, metal pillars for the lining, high strength, not rust, longer life. Some manufacturers in the design also strive to diversify and elegant.This PVC guardrail is not only simple to install, easy to maintain, easy to clean, and economical and practical, exemption from maintenance
    Several key points about PVC guardrail:
    1.The pillar of PVC guardrail can be fixed with concrete after digging pit, or can be fixed on concrete ground directly with expansion screws. The fence piece and the upright column adopt the special mortise-tenon connection.No ordinary screws or nails at all.
    2. As with other outdoor products, PVC guardrail will also become dirty, but do not need to be like steel guardrail, such as derusting, paint. Often wash with water detergent can be beautiful as new.can also be used soft brush or alkali water cleaning, but to avoid using hard material scraping or wiping PVC guardrail surface.
    3.PVC fence, PVC insulated Guardrail, PVC green guardrail, etc. do not have a clear spacing requirements (general spacing between 12cm-15cm), PVC balcony guardrail in accordance with the corresponding national requirements for production and processing.Street Fencing suppliers