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    Hand Carved Marble Door Frame
    ART NoMarble surround-004
    Italy carrara white marble
    MaterialNature marble: carrara white
    Finish time2015
    This carved marble door frame for the European customers custom marble door sets, the material selected from Italy imported carrara white marble.
    After modeling and design drawings, hand-carved, polished and other programs, presents the perfect hand carved white marble door surround.
    1.The top of the ancient Roman-style beams, the top simple and neat, FRIEZE part of the flower embossed surface middle keystone carved face.
    2.Carved Pillars on both sides for the sculpture of angel figures entrance, shaft of the column a grooved column, the bottom of the upward growth of leaf carving, hand carving fine, vivid. Can be called good presentation ,the border of the entrance are continue petal-shaped carving.
    3.Renaissance-style sculpture carved pillars for 2 side of the door surround
    4.Square pedestal base with simple line decoration. Entrance presents Arch shape with perfect outlook.
    The marble door surround can be customized according to specifications, and selection of different marble, Communicate with architects or customize on-site data. Overseas installation: USA, UK, Europe.Marble Door Surround suppliers